It’s an important year for our Dear Old State and its students both young and old. The Berkey Creamery, the epicenter for Happy Valley’s sweet treats, is celebrating its 150th birthday. “One-hundred and fifty years” meaning the dairy plant that keeps the Creamery running has been in action since Civil War times.

berkey creamery

Photo by Michelle Bixby

The Creamery has been around longer than Hawaii has been part of the United States.

150 years of serving some of the country’s best ice cream, ice cream that’s shared billing with presidents, Penn State professors and, of course, our beloved Joe Paterno.


Naturally, ice cream this good deserves a celebration fit for royalty and that’s just what Berkey’s getting.

As the Creamery family gears up for a year full of celebrating this milestone, they’re asking for our help in deciding just how we celebrate.

Anniversary festivities kick off on May 24 (150 years to the day of Berkey Creamery’s Grand Opening) starting with a social media contest that will allow us, the fans, to vote on a special anniversary flavor to be featured in the already extensive repertoire of flavors.

You can vote Facebook, Twitter (@penn_state) and Instagram (@pennstate).

The winner will be debuted at this year’s Arts Fest (July 9-12), where the Creamery will also attempt to break its record for most cones and bowls sold during a single weekend.

Keep track of the contest with the hashtag #Creamery150, as well as find out some awesome Creamery trivia and hear some Penn State families share their favorite Creamery memories.

Anniversary graphics, which will grace all sorts of sweet promotional swag throughout the year, will also be debuted over Memorial Day Weekend.

But the creama-versary won’t stop there. 2015 promotions will also include a limited edition Flavor Passport that will allow fans to track all their favorite flavors, the brand, spankin’ new Creamery website and an exhibit of Creamery artifacts from August to December. Also keep your eye out for ice cream socials which are being planned all year long by the college.

Whether your favorite flavor has been around since the beginning, or has been added along the way, we all have something to celebrate with 150 years of the Berkey Creamery. So grab your party hat and your meal points, because this is gonna be one sweet 2015.

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