Princeton students love food almost as much as they love complaining about how far Nassau is (and about the perilous hill). Lucky for us, Princeton is teaming up with Meals on Wheels and Mercer Street friends to host Princeton TruckFest on April 16. TruckFest is essentially your culinary dream: food trucks lining Prospect, offering diverse and delicious options and setting you up nicely for a 7+ course meal. More than 15 trucks will be offering their signature meals as well as offering the fabulous opportunity to stuff your face for charity.

With only one week to go, we’ll be releasing an article a day in countdown for the TruckFest. Here’s our first featured food delight:


My Four Suns Korean Fusion

The Korean Fusion Food Truck, My Four Suns, is not your average food truck. Developed with the concept of bringing together family, food and traditional Korean fare, the truck will be serving up a menu with an authentic Korean taste (read: a real spice kick!) while combining some favorite “finger foods” like hot potatoes and hot wings.



Photo courtesy of My Four Suns Facebook page


At the TruckFest, My Four Suns will be serving a pork, chicken, or tofu specialty taco for $4, rice bowls for $8, and the K-Town Hero — a marinated flank steak sandwich — for $10.