URGENT: If you have a Godiva Rewards Club membership, get to your nearest Godiva location before April 1 to redeem your last free chocolate.

If you haven’t heard about Godiva’s Reward membership program, you’ve been missing out. They easily have one of the sweetest benefits systems out there. Basically all you had to do is sign up for their e-mail list and boom, you’ve won yourself a free piece of chocolate (with restrictions on which you could choose, of course) every month for the rest of your life…and you didn’t even have to spend a dime at the store. Technically you had to be at least 18 years old to sign up for the membership, but let’s just say that never stopped me.

While I have actually bought gifts at Godiva in between my free pieces, you can imagine that there are tons of people who signed up for this program and never gave Godiva any real business. Finally, Godiva has decided to crack down on their almost too generous rewards program.


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Starting April 1st, a person must spend a minimum of $10 in store over the course of 12 months to continue receiving a free piece each month. So are our dreams crushed? Not quite.

Spending $10 over the course of an entire year makes the value of the membership less than a dollar a month. You can buy your mom a birthday present like I do, or justify treating yourself to an, ahem, overpriced chocolate covered strawberry or two and continue rolling in the rewards.

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To see what other rewards you can get from spending more than the minimum $10, check out Godiva.com