The only thing worse than off-season for Girl Scout cookies is coordinating your purchase when they’re actually available. It’s difficult to stay loyal to your neighbor’s niece who lives two states away when there are so many intermediary transactions before those Samoas actually reach your watering mouth.

Good thing there’s an app for that now. Yep, you can officially buy your favorite cookies without waiting for that little knock on the door.

“Digital Cookie” is the new mobile platform for Girl Scouts to monitor their transactions and bring their delightful cookies to friends and relatives across the nation. The program is meant to equip scouts with essential skills that are relevant to the transforming digital workforce today. These include entrepreneurial skills like goal-setting and money management, all integrated with application usage and online marketing.

Each scout gets her own cookie website on which customers can purchase Girl Scout products shipped to their doors. She can give customers access through an email invitation, so now buying cookies is as easy as handing a scout your business card.

That means you can get your favorite flavor with optimal convenience. It’s a new age, folks.

Celebrate Girl Scout cookies with these recipes: