It’s that time of the term again: the halfway point, 5 weeks in, 5 weeks left and if you’re not flipping out then I applaud you. There’s still so much to look forward to: Green Key, Holi and five more weeks of free food updates from us here at Spoon. I don’t know about you, but the last one’s definitely my favorite.

If you’re feeling fancy this week check out Spoon University’s FLAVOR TRIPPING tasting event. Come experience the magic of miracle berries this Friday, 1:30 pm-3 pm, at One Wheelock. It’ll blow your mind (or at the very least your sense of taste).

Free Food

Photo by Sally Kim

Monday 5/4

3 pm—CGB: May the Fourth Cupcakes

Cupcakes @ Collis

4 pm—Alpha Phi Alpha Baltimore Uprising Discussion

Pizza @ Fahey Ground Floor

4 pm—Kappa Delta Coffeehouse: with Prof Alexis Jetter

Lou’s @ Kappa Delta

6 pm—Women in Business Negotiating Workshop

Gas Station Chinese @ Paganucci Lounge

6 pm—D-LAB Facilitator Information Session

Ramuntos Pizza @ Occom Commons

6 pm—Dartmouth Film Society Meeting

Calzones @ Wilson 205

7 pm—Armana Dinner with Prof Kathryn Lively

Dinner @ Armana

7:30 pm-10 pm—Collis Governing Board Microbrew Monday (21+) @ One Wheelock

8 pm—Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Huddle

Food @ Beta

Tuesday 5/6

5:30 pm-7 pm—Multifaith Conversations: Religion and Science

Dinner @ Tucker Foundation Room 105 (RSVP to

6 pm—Stonefence Review Meeting

KAF @ Sanborn Basement

7 pm—College Libertarians: Monetary Policy

Orient @ Collis 212

7 pm—Dartmouth Asian Organization Dinner Discussion: Sexuality in Asian Culture

Gas Station Chinese @ Collis 218

8 pm-9:30 pm—Collis Governing Board Trivia Night

Snacks @ One Wheelock

Free Food

Photo from Dartmouth College Flickr

Wednesday 5/6

5:45 pm-7 pm—Rocky Voxmasters: Call to Action Speeches

Ramuto’s Pasta @ Rocky 1930s Room

6 pm—Edgerton House Episcopal Campus Ministry Community Meal

Homemade Dinner @ 14 School St

6 pm—Careers in Fashion

Orient @ The Center for Professional Development

6 pm—MOSAIC Meeting

Snacks @ Collis 221

6:30 pm-7:30 pm—Dartmouth Law Journal: Law School Panel

Orient @ Caron L02

7:15 pm—Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders

Orient @ Rocky 209

8 pm-10 pm—Collis Governing Board Open Mic Night

Lou’s Pies @ One Wheelock

Thursday 5/7

4:15 pm-5:15 pm—Dartmouth Bioethics Group: Vaccinations

Snacks @ Kemeny 006

7 pm—MAPS: A Life in Medicine Discussion with Dr. Stephanie White

Dinner @ Fahey Ground Floor (RSVP to Sarah Berger)

5 pm-7 pm—ASPIRE: Autism Sings  (Acapella Performances)

Dinner @ Fahey Ground Floor

6 pm—Stonefence Review Meeting

KAF @ Sanborn Basement

6 pm-7 pm—Global China Connection: China’s Environmental Issues

Orient @ Collis 101

6:30 pm—Women in Computer Science Dinner with Elaine Palmer

Jewel of India @ Baker 152

7 pm—“Native Americans and Dartmouth” wit Prof Colin Calloway

Pizza and Garlic Knots @ Phi Delt

9:30 pm-12:30 am—BarHop: Spring Bling Open Mic

Alcoholic drinks (21+) and non-alcoholic drinks @ Hop Garage

Free Food

Photo by Annie Timber

Friday 5/8

***1:30-3 pm—Spoon University Presents: FLAVOR TRIPPING***

Miracle Berry Taste Test @ One Wheelock

4 pm—Rude Mechanicals: A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Boloco @ Fahey Courtyard

4:30 pm-6 pm—Raise the Roof with Habitat for Humanity

Pizza and Pastries @ Collis Patio

9:30 pm—12 am—Friday Night Rock

Snacks @ Sarner Underground

9:30 pm-12:30 am—BarHop: Beer Tasting

Alcoholic drinks (21+) and non-alcoholic drinks @ Hop Garage

10 pm—Collis After Dark: Pinterest and Pizza

Pizza @ One Wheelock

Saturday 5/9

1 pm—Coffee Club Panel

Lou’s and Coffee @ Collis Commonground

4 pm—Rude Mechanicals: A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Boloco @ Fahey Courtyard

10 pm—Brews & Bands: Brent & Co. 

Brews (21 +) and Snacks @ One Wheelock

Sunday 5/10

2 pm—Rude Mechanicals: A Midsummer’s Night Dream

Boloco @ Fahey Courtyard

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