It’s the weekend we’ve all been waiting for and the unrelenting sunshine may just be Mother Nature’s way of saying: “Get Hyped.” Even MDF can’t hold this back.

And to celebrate, we’re giving you something seriously awesome this week: Spoon University x Coffee Club: Affogato and Avocado. Insta-worthy green avocado toasts and coffee-topped ice cream delights are the key to this epic Dartmouth collab. There are even rumors T-Pain is even coming to campus for some avocado toast.

Monday 5/11

6 pm—Students for Education Reform: No Excuse for Charter Schools

Orient @ Paganucci

6 pm— Women in Buisness: Tuck Panel

Panera @ Rocky 001

6 pm— Dartmouth Film Society

EBA’s @ Wilson 205

7 pm—Armana Dinner with Prof Michael Lurie

Dinner @ Armana

7:30 pm-10 pm—Collis Governing Board Microbrew Monday (21+) @ One Wheelock

8 pm—Dartmouth Chinese Culture Society: Ramen Bar

Ramen @ Collis 218

8 pm—Fellowship of Christian Athletes: Huddle

Food @ Beta

free food

Photo by Josh Renaud

Tuesday 5/12

12 pm-2 pm—Movement Against Violence: BBQ and Pong Paddle Decorating

BBQ @ Collis Patio

5:30 pm-7 pm—Multifaith Conversations: Running From Suffering

Taste of Africa @ Tucker Foundation Room 105 (RSVP to

6 pm—Stonefence Review Meeting

KAF @ Sanborn Basement

7 pm—College Libertarians: Free Speech, Offensive Speakers, and Aggressive Audiences

Orient @ Collis 212

8 pm-9:30 pm—Collis Governing Board Trivia Night

Snacks @ One Wheelock

Wednesday 5/13

3 pm-6 pm—Zete Sundown

Food @ Zete Lawn

3:30 pm-5 pm—Coffee Club

Coffee @ One Wheelock

5 pm—International Development Forum: Careers in Foreign Service

Thai Orchid @ Haldeman 124

6 pm—Rocky Voxmasters: Interviews

Panera @ Rocky 1930s Room

6 pm—Dartmouth Japan Society: Dinner with Prof Nozawa

Dinner @ Collis 218 (RSVP to

6 pm—Edgerton House Episcopal Campus Ministry Community Meal

Homemade Dinner @ 14 School St

7:15 pm—Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders: Sustainable Campus Initative

Orient @ Rocky 209

8 pm-10 pm—Collis Governing Board Open Mic Night

Lou’s Pies @ One Wheelock

free food

Photo by Gabby Phi

Thursday 5/14

5 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Stinson’s Cookout @ Collis Patio

5 pm—International Student’s Association: Greek Life Panel

Ramuntos @ Kemeny 105

6 pm—Stonefence Review Meeting

KAF @ Sanborn Basement

7 pm-9:30—English Department Gatsby Party

Food, drinks and snacks @ Sanborn Library

8 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Ben & Jerrys @ Collis Patio

9:30 pm-12:30 am—BarHop

Alcoholic drinks (21+) and non-alcoholic drinks @ Hop Garage

Friday 5/15

2 pm-5 pm—Block Party on Purpose

Water, Gatorade, Fruit, Molly’s Bread @ Beta

3 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Gelato @ Collis Patio

3 pm-4:30 pm—Kappa Delta’s Pizza Party

Pizza, knots, Capri Suns @ Tabbard Lawn

***4 pm-5 pm—Spoon Univerity x Coffee Club: Affogato and Avocado***

Affogatos and Avocado Toast @ One Wheelock

4:30 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Stinson’s Cookout @ Collis Patio

8:30 pm—Super Smash Bros and Pizza

Pizza @ Sarner 69

9:30 pm-12:30 am—BarHop

Alcoholic drinks (21+) and non-alcoholic drinks @ Hop Garage

10 pm—Agape Teahouse

Iced Bubble Tea and Popsicles @ One Wheelock

11 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Late Night Breakfast @ Commonground

free food

Photo by Kirby Barth

Saturday 5/16

12 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Stinson’s Cookout @ Collis Patio

1 pm-4 pm—Dartmouth Organic Farm Presents: The Second Annual Brew-HAHA

Handcrafted brews and kegs of Harpoon (21+), kegs of root beer, pulled-pork sliders from Big Fatty’s, food and snacks from theBox @ the Dartmouth Organic Farm (shuttles from the HOP every 15 mins)

2 pm-4 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Carnival Food (Cotton Candy etc.)  @ Collis Patio

6:30 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Big Fatty’s BBQ @ Collis Patio

8 pm—Green Key @ Collis

Kettle corn @ Collis Patio

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