The strangest part of growing up is that adulthood slaps you in the face with a new appreciation for alcohol. As if it happens overnight, you suddenly opt out of vodka pineapples and start requesting drinks with more “depth” or “smokiness,” some that you can even sip on without a mixer. (Scary, I know).

But there’s one drink combination, an old Irish tradition actually, that hasn’t hit mainstream America yet. Read: this is your opportunity to show your friends you are cool and “really appreciate quality drinks.”

The secret? Beer and whiskey together.


Photo courtesy of Tullamore Dew

Think about it: the rise of craft beers, IPAs and small breweries have opened our eyes to appreciating the flavors of a quality brew. We’ll gladly probe a bartender about their beer selection so we can get the taste just right. We’ll scour the fridge at a convenience store to find the most hipster labels to bring to a party. We scoff at Keystone Light.

Then there’s whiskey. An “obvious choice” for a truly manly man or a “very chill” woman.

Whiskey is known for having a rich, sweet flavor that stands out from other liquors because you actually want to taste it.

Tullamore Dew is one of those whiskeys that was basically created to be paired with beer. The bitterness of the beer and the sweet flavor of Tully were simply made for each other. Dew and a brew. It makes sense.

And here’s the trick: you don’t have to go wild and Irish car bomb these things. Since we’re adults now, we pair them side by side. A little sip of whiskey, a gulp of beer, and top it off with more whiskey for the perfect situation.

And if you really want to impress your friends? Just let ‘em know that beer and whiskey are both products of barley, so OF COURSE they go well together. Mic drop.


Photo courtesy of Tullamore Dew

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