It’s been well established that Wawa offers some of the best late-night snacks. From mac & cheese to milkshakes, Wawa knows what we crave. The newest gem on the menu is the Buffalo Chicken Pizza.

Each pizza is prepared to order. They feature grilled chicken, buffalo wing sauce, cream cheese and provolone cheese layered on tomato and herb focaccia bread.

Upon first bite, it sinks in how fresh and fluffy the focaccia bread is.

wawa pizza

Photo by Arlo Gordon

Then you taste the buffalo wing sauce and the chicken. What ties together this classic American flavor combo here is the subtle cream cheese! The added richness and creaminess takes this dish to the next level.

Last but not least, Wawa pizza satisfies our quota of lots and lots of melted cheese. At Spoon we really like cheese and it’s important that there’s no skimping.

Bottom line: Your drunk self needs a piece of this pizza. Caution: it will be messy but it will be worth it.