TikTok has had its fair share of egg trends in the past few months, first with chili oil eggs, then pesto eggs. Whether these trends are here to stay or are indicative of a revolt against plain old, boring eggs, it’s clear that your unseasoned scrambled eggs won’t cut it anymore.

What are feta eggs?

Now, ‘fried feta eggs’ are having their moment. On TikTok, food creator Grace Elkus, known as @graceelkus, opens her viral video with over 1 million views with a simple statement:

“This is what I make when I’m starving and I need food in five minutes”.

Attention-grabbing, check. Relatable, check. Intrigued? Absolutely. 

And she’s right. All it takes to throw together this quick meal is a few feta crumbles, an egg, and seasoning of choice. Simply add feta cheese to a pan and crack an egg on top. Elkus additionally throws in a tortilla with avocado in her video, showing just one way you can level up your feta eggs. She also notes that the runny yolk of the egg becomes a scrumptious sauce.

Other creators on TikTok have shown their experience making feta eggs, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. TikTok creator Paige MacDonald (paigeejenna) put feta eggs on top of sriracha, mayo, avocado, and sprouts, and said it was “soo easy and delicious.” Nicole K. Modic, @kalejunkie on TikTok, gave it “a 10/10!"

Nutrition-wise, feta eggs are pretty solid. Eggs are a great source of protein, and ¼ cup of feta is around 170 mg in calcium. Paired with a fat like avocado and a carbohydrate such as a tortilla or a piece of toast, you’re set for a balanced and delicious breakfast! Go you!

While feta eggs are enjoying the spotlight, there’s no telling what unique food combination will strike next. Cheddar bacon? Parmesan toast? The opportunities are endless.