Yogurtland is a place that honors everyone's inner child. I mean, who doesn't want to pile their fro-yo high with cheesecake bites, crushed-up cookies, cereal pieces, and sour gummy worms? It's a dream come true! On top of serving up sweet treats to beat the summer heat, Yogurtland is also running a limited-time deal where fro-yo fans can secure a giant lilac spoon for free. And of course, if you're a certified giant spoon collector from the company's previous drops, you need to add this one to your collection. Here's how to get the Yogurtland giant lilac spoon for free. 

How do I get the giant lilac spoon at Yogurtland?

On Tuesday, June 11, Yogurtland is giving away free giant lilac spoons all day long. This is a massive deal, no pun intended. A spoon of this size will certainly hold all of your toppings, and it can be saved to be used as a mixing utensil in your kitchen.

All you have to do to secure yours is head to a nearby Yogurtland location, fill up your bowl(s) with $12+ worth of treats, and you'll get a spoon to pair with it. You can secure up to four spoons per transaction. 

What else is new at Yogurtland?

Along with the giant spoon, Yogurtland is serving up new fun concoctions with their PAC-MAN-themed menu items. 

Photo via Yogurtland

Fans of the nostalgic game can grab two flavors for a limited time, which include CHERRY Chomp Sorbet and Pineapple POWER-UP Sorbet. Fro-yo fans can top their game-inspired flavors with gummy PAC-MAN and gummy Cherries, too. So, if you need to fuel up for any summertime days at the arcade, Yogurtland is your perfect pre-game spot.