Montreal-based company Saveurs MOLECULE-R Flavors, inc. is paving the way for the future of food. Molecular gastronomy has been taking the food world by storm, daring to combine food with science.


What many people don’t realize is that your sense of taste heavily relies on your sense of smell. The scent of your food hits you even before the food is in your mouth, guiding your perception of it. If it smells bad, you’re not likely to eat it. There’s a reason people are wary of stinky tofu and durian.

And if you absolutely have to eat it, you plug your nose (flashback to that cherry flavored medicine you had to take as a kid, gross).

In a concept the company calls “volatile flavors,” you can smell one thing and eat another simultaneously.

If you have food allergies, it’s not a problem. Can’t have peanuts or tree nuts? Allergic to strawberries? You will have the opportunity to “taste” the flavors without having to consume the foods—eliminating the risk of taking a trip to the emergency room.

There are six different scent categories available: beans, fruits, herbs, nuts, spices and umami, each containing three to four different flavors. Included are flavors like truffle, lychee and ginger.

AROMA Periodic Table

Photo courtesy of MOLECULE-R

Four forks, 21 aromas, four droppers, 50 diffusing papers and a multi-sensory evening program will only set you back around $60.

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