Forbes College Strikes Again – New Arts & Transit Neighborhood Plans Move Wawa

The recent construction around Forbes has created a web of fences and roadblocks that makes it a bit more difficult even for Forbes residents to get their study sandwiches and quesadillas from the WaWa convenience store. In a statement Friday by the Office of Communications, the new plans for the Arts & Transit Neighborhood, set for completion in 2017, will move the beloved Wawa to a new home just south of the Forbes College Addition on the west side of Alexander Road.

Map of the New Development Plan

When approached at 2:30am Saturday night, Wawa employees were excited about the change in scenery but expressed concerns about a possible decrease in student-generated revenue as a result of a longer walk. But as one drunk student of Mathey College interjected, “I’ll walk any distance to get a Gobbler and a side of Mac.”

None are more elated than Forbes residents living in the little-known, seldom-acknowledged and incredibly underappreciated prison of the Addition. Built in the 1970’s as an extension to the former Princeton Inn College, these halls are usually occupied by ill-fated freshmen and karma-deficient sophomores.

Photo by Lisa Gong

President Christopher Eisgruber, long a proponent of renovating the Forbes Addition, as was done with new Butler College, has said that this change in location of the Wa will be “a short-term consolation for Forbes students” while the expensive undertaking of the Arts & Transit Neighborhood is in progress. He even hinted at the possibility of constructing additional doorways that shorten the distance from the Annex (the most southerly portion) to the side entrance of the new Wa. Nassau Hall touts this as a continuance of Forbes tradition that food should only be a few steps away, a “roll-out-of-bed” convenience, without having to worry about snow and rain. The planners also hope that this will give commuters better access to 24-hour food.

Photo by Lisa Gong

While current sophomores will not be able to reap the benefits of an even closer “Forbes Wa,” the change is a welcome one. Forbes sophomore Alexandra Ballard commented, “It’s about time the two-timers in the Addition get something for their trouble.”

Now more than ever, Forbes is worth the walk.

This is a joke post for April Fools Day. It still sucks living in the Addition.