We hope you’ve been brushing up on your easy mac and microwaving skills, because Food Network’s popular show Chopped is calling all undergraduates for a casting a special amateur episode. According to the masterminds at Food Network, they’re looking for kids that fit the following criteria:

  • Obsessed with cooking
  • Known around campus or among friends for your culinary creations
  • Keep Food Network shows on in the background while you study

The show requires a one day commitment in NYC sometime in spring 2015. Anyone currently enrolled in an undergraduate program in Seattle, Chicago, Miami and the NYC-tri-state-area with a passion for cooking is encouraged to apply. Students of any college major/ concentration are welcome, but hurry because they’re looking to finalize the cast in the coming weeks. Get on it, people!

Pro tip: if you’re on a Spoon chapter and want to apply, email us and we’ll give you a referral. 

Apply at: www.ChoppedCasting.com

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