Back in 2022, Pizza Hut released the Pizza Hut Melt, a crispy crust folded over stuffed with cheese and pizza toppings. They were only released for a limited time, but Lo! The melts are back once again and being advertised with a recent breakout group, Flyana Boss.

On September 18, the official Pizza Hut YouTube channel posted this ad, featuring hip hop duo Flyana Boss. The song in the commercial is a rework of their breakout song, “You Wish” (which is a total bop imo). The song was only posted on September 13, 2023, so it didn’t take long for Pizza Hut to spot that potential.

What makes this brand deal funnier is in the song “You Wish” there is a lyric that goes, “I be Micheal Phelps, all the brand deals I’m swimmin’ in.” This line, ironically enough, might not have been true at the time of the song's release, but hey, as a comment by Keneshia on this TikTok posted by Flyana Boss says, “THE BRAND DEAL MANIFESTATION MUST BE STUDIED🔥.”

The ad itself features the hip hop group specifically advertising the Meat Lovers Melt, which has pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, and ham stuffed in with all the cheese. The appeal of the melt is that it is a single serving and good for someone who doesn’t want to order a whole pizza. This is demonstrated in the lyric in the jingle “Both melts just for me.” The order comes with two triangular melts about the size of a slice of pizza, and a cup of dipping sauce of your choice. Will you be picking up some Pizza Hut Melts?