I don’t know if you heard, but Oakland, California got its first cat cafe on Saturday, making it also the first permanent one in the US. Cat Town Cafe invites costumers to sip a cup o’ joe and then meet their kitties. And the best part is that all of the cats housed there are up for adoption. It’s coffee and cats for a cause.

A cat plays at Cat Town Cafe (Photo Credit: Cat Town Cafe & Adoption)

Photo by Adam Myatt of Cat Town Cafe & Adoption

The idea all started with Cat Town, a rescue shelter that takes in all of those cats that might not get adopted at other places. They provide a larger place for cats to live, rehabilitation for those with unique issues and now a fun place to connect humans with potential furry friends.

These kinds of cafes are popular in Japan, where many apartments don’t allow cats, so people get their fuzzy fixes elsewhere. None have been able to find a home in the US though, until now. So, why did we have to wait to so long for such a magical oasis? It’s the health codes, guys. According to these codes, cats and coffee don’t mix. Fortunately, Cat Town Cafe found a way around this, by simply separating the cafe from the Cat Zone. Baristas make the food and drinks in one part of the building, and customers are welcome to enjoy their goodies anywhere they wish, including in the company of an adorable kitty.

Now, paws…I know what you are thinking…”You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow.” I mean, con-cat-ulations California, but what about us? What about little old Bloomington, Indiana? In a town full of students in need of coffee IV drips and some furry cuddles to ease the stress of school, a cat cafe sounds purrrr-fect.

So, I’m calling on you, readers. You know how you feel like you’re kind of just flailing around, waiting for your life’s calling to hit you in the face? *slap* Now’s the time. We need you. Bring the joy of a cat cafe to Bloomington, and thousands of over-worked college students will love you fur-ever.


Photo by: Erica Coulter