I don’t know a lot about cars. Actually, I know nothing. But I do know that propylene glycol is in my windshield wiper fluid. I also know that it’s in my favorite drink, Fireball.

So put the cap back on your fifth for a second, and listen up. Finland, Sweden and Norway have all recalled this party fave because it contains high amounts of propylene glycol which is found in most kinds of anti-freeze. The amounts of propylene glycol found in Fireball don’t comply with Finland, Sweden and Noway’s regulations, so the countries are saying bye, bye to this cinnamon shot.

Before you all freak out, it turns out that the shipment meant for the United States and Canada, which allow for higher amounts of propylene glycol, was sent to Finland, Sweden and Norway, who don’t allow as much. So they’re sending the shipment back for the correct one.

So if you’re reading this from abroad in Norway, Sweden or Finland, Fireball will be making a dramatic comeback  with a little less propylene glycol. And if you’re reading this in America don’t worry Fireball is still safe for consumption! Phew.

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