Award-winning Miami Dining has dealt with more complaints this year than ever before. Their efforts to continue to improve the dining even more last semester backfired. With the recent openings of Armstrong, Maplestreet and Western Dining, the shortage of staff, and the complaints—like the lines—piled up.

However, Miami Dining did their best to listen to the student body, constantly revising, and re-revising their changes.

Out With the Old…

Breakfast buffets were brought back; Pulley’s menu was altered for time efficiency, then revised; and Mein Street altered their menu. Post J-Term, Western Dining Hall went buffet; and now Haines’ Boulangerie has a “Build Your Own” option.



Photo by Emily Sabanegh

The salads and sandwiches are now customizable. As a Western devotee (and The Americas salad bar), I never went to “Fake Panera” (aka Boulangerie) since I didn’t really like their menu options anyways. But on the way to my dorm the other day, I spontaneously decided to give it a shot, and came out surprisingly satisfied.

Unlike what has happened elsewhere after changes, the staff at Boulangerie does not seem overwhelmed, since they are pretty simple. You can now choose a large or small salad, with or without a protein (love that they have the chickpea quinoa tabouli as a protein option, too. Bring on the choices). Sandwich wise, you choose your bread, protein, veggies, and condiments.

Give it a Go


Photo by Emily Sabanegh

I stuck with my normal large veggie salad. My only comment about their changes? There are less veggie toppings than at the other salad bars such as Dividends and Americas, but still a good variety. When I went, they had cabbage, which isn’t at most places, along with carrots, tomatoes, and peppers.

As far as the sandwiches go, I like that you can customize them here too. Still missing a Cobb salad or one of there previous menu items? No worries: you can still build it, as they still have all the same ingredients.

The Voice of the People

Students seem satisfied with these options. One Boulangerie-frequenter, who said it was – and still is – her favorite place commented, “I might come a little more than I used to… I really like the changes, and I think it provides better healthy, fast options for students.” Another student said she wasn’t too picky with her food, but appreciates the choices they’re providing.

I completely agree. I know I’m loving that there’s now a salad bar in the middle of campus, and that there is finally another place in Armstrong I can find some healthy, fresh food I like.

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