Attention Michigan: There is a student org that is offering to deliver you gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches at certain campus buildings and all they want is a few bucks (3-5 depending on your order) that will be donated to end world hunger. Does that not sound like the best combination of ideas ever?

FeelGood is a student org on campus raising money for The Hunger Project, which is an international organization that aims to sustainably end world hunger through education, empowerment, partnerships and sustainability.

The group only started out on campus last year, but they already raised $1500 from the delis they held during Winter semester. The main part of what they do is organize events they call “delis” which are the grilled cheese delivery nights. They get all the money for the ingredients from the national FeelGood people, and then get to actually make the sandwiches at the Sigma Chi fraternity house kitchen. They even have a partnership with Zingerman’s so all their sandwiches are on Zingerman’s bread. Yeah, you read that right. Zingerman’s freaking bread. On a sandwich that will cost $3-5.

So how do I get my grilled cheese?

All you gotta do is call or text the number listed below, pick a sandwich and tell them where you want it delivered, like a normal restaurant delivery. They even take credit cards.


Right now they only deliver to the Quad dorms (North Quad, South Quad, East Quad), the Ugli and the fishbowl in Mason Hall.

Here’s a run down of the menu:

The Wolverine: the classic cheese and bread, perfectly grilled.
Vegetable Victor: spinach, tomato and cheese (My personal fave.)
The Big House: take a traditional grilled cheese and add pizza sauce, tomato and garlic.
Kerrytown Classic: Apples, cheddar and honey.

They will be having their deli nights on the following dates this semester, so mark your calendars (and don’t worry, we’ll remind you).

Sept 24
October 8
October 22
November 5
November 19
December 3

If you’re interested in getting involved with FeelGood, their email is They’re recruiting for members of their club, as well as volunteers for individual deli nights.
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