Healthy fast food is a recent innovation that’s particularly prominent in major cities across the country. While it’s fast, it’s not cheap like conventional fast food. Kimbal Musk, the younger brother of the mastermind behind SpaceX and Tesla, is making moves to combat this problem in America.

The Kitchenette is set to open in an urban park and conservancy space in Memphis later this summer. Everything from the grab-and-go eatery will be under $5. So, how is healthy food being brought to the public for cheap? Embracing local food culture.

The food at The Kitchenette is going to be sourced directly from nearby Tennessee farmers. This “fast food” will be offered according to what is in season in that area, it keeps the prices low and the farmers happy.

fast food

Photo courtesy of @kimbalmusk on Instagram

This Musk brother is extremely well established in the food industry already with multiple restaurants and a non-profit program already under his belt. Musk’s new project is highly anticipated since nothing quite like it exists.