You read that right. The hot and spicy Sriracha is joining the electronic music mix. If you’re at St. James Park in Downtown San Jose on Saturday, August 30th, definitely shimmy your way down there (of course, wearing the appropriate music festival apparel). Enter ready to dance and with an empty stomach – you don’t want to miss out on this feast of all things Sriracha.

This may be officially a music festival, but all I’m seeing is a food festival. The Electronic Sriracha Festival will feature over 40 food trucks and tents with dishes and drinks all under $6–perfect for those on a college budget. The website boasts that, aside from the music, there will be “120 Sriracha-infused dishes.” I’m already salivating.

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Photo from the Electric Sriracha Festival

If you can’t make it to the West Coast, turn up some electronic music on your computer and make yourself a home-made Sriracha concoction. For the carnivore, try a Sriracha burger, which goes great with baked Sriracha chips. And for the ambitious chefs (or maybe those who don’t have access to Sriracha), make your own spicy sauce using this recipe. And, of course, we didn’t forget you vegetarians; try a fried egg with chickpea salad and Sriracha. If you’re craving more, watch this Sriracha documentary while munching on your spicy creation.

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Photo by Chase Kroesche of USC Spoon

Obviously, I’m personally eyeing the food. But in case you’re somehow more interested in the music than the glorious Sriracha dishes, here’s the festival’s lineup.