While the Michigan dining halls have never been institutes of culinary excellence, we should give them mad props for the major improvements that come with each new dining hall. First North Quad, then East Quad and this year will add the newly redone South Quad. While I question their new mantra about saving the environment by forcing us to carry six plates with a bite of food on each instead of using trays or consolidating the plates and giving larger portions, at least the quality of food has gotten to the point of edible, sometimes even good.

North Quad and East Quad have become overcrowded, but for good reason. Their food is just so much better than the other dining halls. East Quad in particular uses this new micro-restaurant set up where each little station specializes in a particular type of food, whether thats vegetarian, grill or Asian-style.

Over the summer, East Quad actually won a national grand prize for residential dining concept, aka the micro-restaurant set up. So fear not, incoming freshman, for you get to see a side of Umich dining halls that the upperclassmen never did.
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Just be happy you’ll never have to experience the prison food slop that was the old South Quad dining hall.