This Saturday (October 18), the dream of every poor college student on the ramen diet (or anyone really) will come true. In the midst of mid-term misery, Domino’s has come to the rescue of students in the Chicago area. This Saturday for 100 minutes, you can be the proud owner of a delicious, medium-sized, one-topping pizza…for just $1.

That’s right. One dollar. Four  quarters. 10 dimes. Whatever the heck you choose, it’s yours.

Are you kidding me, Domino’s?

Are you actually, for-real, being seriously serious with me, Domino’s?

That’s probably going through you’re mind-blown head at this exact moment, right?

I don’t know why you are choosing to question this miracle, but here is the reason why Dominos is becoming the Pizza Santa of October. Our beloved Domino’s is celebrating their 100th opening in Chicago by offering our great nation with one-dollar pizzas. This deal will start at 12:00 pm and end at 1:40 pm at every Domino’s location in Chicago. There will be a five pizza limit. Can you say cold pizza leftovers for weeks?

You may have no clue what you’re doing after graduation, next semester or even next week, but one thing of your future has suddenly become clear. This Saturday you have a date with your couch, Netflix and a box of gorgeous pizza. So set your alarm for 11:59 am to get your game on at Domino’s.

As Kelly Clarkson once belted on the season finale of American Idol, “some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.” Enjoy.

Note: This offer is only valid for Chicago customers. Road trip?