Now that we’ve all presumably broken any food resolutions we set for our new and improved 2015 selves it’s time to talk about DESSERT. If any food can lure us quickly away from our healthy New Years resolutions it is a tantalizingly delicious dessert option.

Over the past few years we’ve seen the rise and fall of different dessert trends. First, we lined up for cupcakes in all flavors and sizes until our stomachs just couldn’t handle another bite. Then came the froyo revolution, which proved we could have our ice cream and eat it too, even if it was a bit tart. Oh, and how could we forget when everything came in red velvet? Even our froyo was red velvet, although admittedly I never fully understood this craze or even what red velvet really was…

So, what will we be indulging in this year? After numerous hours of staring into my crystal ball of future food trends (which happens to look a lot like my Facebook newsfeed and various food sites), the dessert forecast for 2015 looks like it might not be dessert at all but rather a sweet take on breakfast. We’ve all been loving “brinner” (breakfast for dinner) for a while now and it looks like we’ll have more excuses to keep breakfast on our plates all day long. Here are my two big predictions for 2015 desserts:

Those round wheels of sugary joy seem to be making their way into our hearts in a bigger way than ever before. With gourmet donut shops popping up all over, these breakfast pastries seem to be transforming into more of a dessert treat than something we wake up to. Next time you’re tasked with bringing the dessert, impress everyone and show up with some new school donuts.


Photo by Sarah Silbiger

2015 is looking like the year of the waffle, from waffled potatoes to waffle pizzas to churro waffles, where there’s a waffle there’s a way! But, let’s not forget about the original well-loved checkered cousin of the pancake. With the rise of all things waffled, the rediscovery of the classic waffle with innovative toppings seems inevitable. How does a waffle smothered in chocolate sauce topped with a scoop of ice cream sound? Pretty good, right? So, keep your eyes peeled for these trends and save a little extra room for dessert this year.


Photo by Phoebe Melnick

Want to keep drooling over donuts and waffles? Right this way: