This week Lucky Peach, the food magazine based on the Momofuku empire, revamped its website. And with the new site came some awesome videos, namely a new video segment called “People Cooking Things,” where each month features a new chef, cooking things.

To kick things off, Chef David Chang himself whips up a pretty tasty looking “ramlet“— that’s right, a ramen-omelet hybrid. Despite what the name suggests, there are no ramen noodles involved. The magic lies in those mysterious flavor packets. In the video below, Chang uses some of that intensely flavored ramen seasoning to make what might be a college student’s dream breakfast.

The ramlet might be up there with the bacon, egg and cheese as one of the ultimate hangover foods, and even Chang attests “It’s f*cking awesome.” Find the exact recipe here.

Now the real question is, what do you do with all those flavorless ramen noodles?