Snacks are necessary. They’re easy to pack and perfect for those cravings that fit out of nowhere. The worst thing is getting hangry at 3 p.m. The Snickers’ slogan “You’re not you when you’re hungry” is one of the truest statements. Nutri-Grain also knows that managing those hangry outbursts can feel like a full-time job. With over 1.2 billion views on TikTok, #hangry is a universal experience we all face, whether it’s your kids, your partner, or even yourself. The brand has launched its search for the first “Head of Hanger Management,” in celebration of its new Nutri-Grain Power-Fulls soft baked oat bites – now available in Strawberry and Chocolate Chip flavors.

Is “Head of Hanger Management” a real job position?

You bet, and dare I say, a necessary one? The Head of Hanger Management will work closely with Nutri-Grain to keep the hangriness at bay. 

As the Head of Hanger Management, you’ll be the expert in preventing hangriness and creating four pieces of social content for managing hanger in the household as well as brainstorming product innovation ideas that further combat hangriness.

In regards to payment, the Head of Hanger Management will be receiving $20K and a year’s supply of Power-Fulls.

If you’re interested in keeping the hangry at bay, you can apply at from now until June 14. The job posting is a quick questionnaire with three short answer questions on your hangry tips.

What are Nutri-Grain Power-Fulls soft baked oat bites?

Nutri-Grain’s latest snack comes in two flavors — Strawberry and Chocolate Chip — and provides a good source of protein, eight grams of whole grains, and will help keep your energy balanced.