Everyone spends the duration of the Academy Awards debating which movie, actor, actress, screenplay, and sound editing (and sound mixing—what’s the difference?) is most deserving of a gold man statue. Who wins what is a highly controversial talking point.

While the talk of the town is if certain winners really earned the coveted prize, the absolute win of this McDonald’s commercial is one thing that is not debatable.

Filmmakers, chefs, and restaurants alike all strive to find the perfect combination of ingredients. McDonald’s newest commercial, that aired during the 2015 Oscars, features screenshots of the right “ingredients” to make an American classic.

The last shot is the ingredients for McDonald’s most famous menu item, the Big Mac. With just the right music, text, and simplicity, McDonald’s hits ya right with the nostalgia, and hey, I’m Lovin’ it.

Enjoy for yourself:

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