Hello to all of our devoted readers! After a lot of careful consideration, Colgate University's chapter of Spoon University has decided to undergo some major changes. We have been collaborating with students involved in Spoon University at Colgate, as well as the rest of our campus community and have decided that the best thing to do for our brand is establish a new name! After an extensive voting process, our chapter will be rebranded as....

...Drumroll please...


We know what you're thinking, because this has been a huge decision for us, too! As much as we love the Spoon brand, we just do not think that spoons are as useful in our daily lives. You can eat so many more delicious foods with a fork than you can a spoon, and of course eating is our main priority here at Fork University! You can use a fork for almost any dish, whether it be pasta, steak, salad, cake, the list goes on and on! Meanwhile, any food that you can eat with a spoon, you can also use a fork and, if you can't, you can just drink it (we're looking at you, soup)

Photo by Di Maitland on Unsplash

Of course, there were some other utensils that were definitely in the running for this major name change. Spatula University was definitely a close runner up. I mean, think how cool that logo would look! However, if we are focusing on utility, the spoon, unfortunately, does get a bit more use than our beloved spatula. We also considered Knife University but that felt a little...threatening. Alas, we were left with only one (superior) option, our beloved fork.

We are so excited to finally announce this rebranding with all of our loyal fans and hope that you are as ecstatic as we are to continue on this journey under our new name!

Oh, and Happy April Fools' Day!