Word on the street yesterday was that Foco had a special Coca-Cola machine.

Special in the sense that instead of accepting money and even “fake money” (aka DA$H), it accepted hugs in exchange for Coca-Cola.

No information as to how this machine found its way to Dartmouth but the Coca-Cola Hug Machine dates back to 2012 at the National University of Singapore. In order for a free Coke to be dispensed, the sides of the machine had to be squeezed. The machine’s wording of “Hug Me” surely caused a crowd of Singaporean students to rush to the machine, hug it to death in the hopes of receiving a free icy beverage.


Image Source: Coca-Cola

On campus, there was quite the buzz. The machine became a mythical creature. Almost as if you sighted the Sun God himself, but this machine was surely a much rarer spectacle. A machine that gives you a free Coke because you hugged it? Where was this when I was thirsty during finals?

Peter Wang ’17 announced on Facebook: “They gave me a can of Coke and a pair of headphones for doing this.”


Photo from Peter Wang ’17


My verdict is that I sure hope this machine is here to stay. Unfortunately, when our photographer arrived at the scene, the machine was no where to be found. We here at Spoon are left scratching our head wondering where can we get more of this machine.