Do you drink so much Coke or Diet Coke that it feels like you should have bottles with your name on it? Well, now you can.

Last summer, Coca-Cola rolled out their first “Share a Coke” campaign. Coke’s campaign (which was launched in Great Britain) aimed to give a little somethin’ somethin’ back to their most loyal customers and promote the sharing of Coke products. Instead of having people share the typical bottles, though, the company replaced the main wording on their labels with 250 of Great Britain’s most popular names. Names like Bobby, Aimee and Zack suddenly held the prime real estate on the Coca-Cola label.

The success of last year’s campaign was so astounding that “Share a Coke” (Part 2!) is coming soon. With over 1000 names in the books, the second campaign is sure to blow the first one out of the water. Check to see if your name is on the list here. If it’s not, don’t fret! More generic labels like Dad, Sis and Bestie will also be out there for you (and like the website says, you must just have a unique name).

The “Share a Coke” campaign is even touring the nation with more than 500 stops. At each of these locations, people will be able to customize Coca-Cola mini cans for themselves and a second mini can for a special someone. Don’t want to get out of bed and stop by? No worries! You can share a personalized bottle virtually through the “Share a Coke” website (man, they really thought of everything).

So keep an eye out for the campaign and make sure to take part in a little piece of history. It’s not everyday that a company makes a product especially for you.

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