A bowl of chocolate-covered strawberries is going viral on TikTok and not just because it’s drenched (or heavily drizzled) in chocolate. Gabs, known as user @pr4yforgabs, posted the chocolate-covered strawberries TikTok on February 5, gaining over 294 million views, about 39 million likes, and over 3 million saves in less than a month.

Why is a bowl of strawberries going viral on TikTok?

TikTok is a place where just about anyone and anything can go viral on the social media platform. But what makes @pr4yforgabs’ video so great is it came from a seemingly regular person, not an influencer or a full-time content creator.

The video has “What You Don’t Do For Love” by Bobby Caldwell playing in the background with the camera bouncing to the song's beat — the cinematography and lighting here are honestly iconic. Gabs made two similar videos with a bowl of frozen fruit and a stack of pancakes using different songs. But the strawberries video is halfway to beating Bella Poarch’s most popular video.

Bella Poarch’s iconic “m to the b” TikTok from 2020 currently sits at almost 800 million views (796.6 million to be exact) and 64 million likes.

The comments sections for each video are an hourly tally mark to which video surpasses the other. Even the Victoria's Secret TikTok account got in on the action. “These strawberries have no business looking that good,” the brand commented.

Many people and businesses are noticing the trend and posting videos of their food, matching the viral strawberry video. Kou, a local K-BBQ restaurant in Orem, Utah, even took inspiration from the video — reaching everyone but people in Utah.

The bouncing video style worked for the establishment too, with over 405,000 views (the behind-the-scenes video poking fun at the trend has 3.7 million views).

User @pr4yforgabs’ video of chocolate-covered strawberries on TikTok shows the power of social media and how simplicity is key to going viral with the right content. Also, I’m now craving chocolate-covered strawberries