Breaking news for Chipotle fans: one third of Chipotle stores have stopped serving their pork carnitas. This abrupt stop is due to a violation in the chain’s strict animal-welfare standards by one of the their pork vendors. This is an unprecedented move for a fast-food chain restaurant and a rare decision for any restaurant.

The decision, however, is consistent with the brand’s image as a higher quality fast food establishment with ethical practices, such as sustainability and “food with integrity.”

Surprisingly, this move may garner even more respect and popularity for the restaurant. Props to Chipotle for valuing standards and quality over profits.

Image Courtesy of Chipotle

While carnitas are far from the the store’s best selling item (chicken tops that list) it’s certainly odd not having them there.

Don’t expect carnitas to be coming back too soon either. While the company is looking for a new supplier, it’s expected that restaurants will be without it “for a while.” 

If you’re lucky to live near one of the stores that are still selling carnitas, take advantage of it—or just try out the vegan friendly sofritas for free, and remember, at least we’re not freaking out about a guac-less Chipotle anymore.