Chipotle, home of the beloved burrito bowl, has announced that it will be testing a robot that can make up to 180 burrito bowls per hour. The fast casual chain has collaborated with tech startup Hyphen to produce The Makeline, a robot that can make approximately nine times the amount of burrito bowls a human can make per hour. This not only streamlines the assembly process, but will ensure both quality and quantity control for each bowl.

Why is Chipotle testing a burrito bowl robot?  

The Makeline perhaps could ease any concern that online orders are skimping customers and also make employees' jobs easier. Toggling between both online and in-person orders can result in smaller portions on the online side of things, since employees could just be pushing to get through a rush. An automated machine would ensure that customers are getting their correct portions every single time and lighten the stress load of overworked employees.

How will a burrito bowl robot change Chipotle?

But, this new innovation may not bode well for customers who rely on Chipotle ‘hacks’ to get the most bang for their buck. It’s near impossible to convince a robot to sneak in a little extra guacamole or protein in your burrito bowl or requesting ‘half-and-half’ toppings to end up with almost twice as much food. And, will customers feel comfortable with a machine behind the counter instead of a person?

Chipotle is planning to launch The Makeline in stores next year, but until then, customers will be left to decide whether or not the automated burrito bowl is worthwhile.