A lot of us still might be scared to go into Chipotle after the scares they’ve had with their food over the past several months. Between the hype around the E. coli breakouts and other health scares, many have been choosing to skip out on their weekly burrito bowls. However, there are also those who never stopped going because of their love for the tasty goodness of the Chipotle burrito with extra guacamole.

From Burritos to Burgers


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However, even if you’re someone who’s continued to support Chipotle, the chain hasn’t been able to sway those they lost to come back. Thus, in order to try and gain back their once devoted food lovers, Chipotle has decided to open its first burger restaurant this year. Yes, you heard me right; one of the most popular Mexican food restaurants has turned to the all American burger.

The burger restaurant will be opened this fall in Lancaster, Ohio and might be called “Better Burger.” The menu will include burgers, fries and milkshakes. I don’t know about you, but it sounds a lot like Shake Shack to me, or even like most of the burger joints we already have.

Can They Regain Those They Lost?


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Chipotle has been focusing on reversing their 24% decrease in sales by giving away coupons for free burritos and revving up its marketing game. However, it doesn’t seem to be working enough since they’re now going in a whole new direction by opening a burger joint.

We all originally loved Chipotle, because it was fast food that didn’t make us feel like we were eating fast food, so a lot of us didn’t feel as guilty for eating it as much as we did. Don’t worry though, just because they’re opening a burger joint, doesn’t mean they won’t still focus on what they’re already famous for. Chipotle plans on opening around 230 new restaurants as well in the near future.

I don’t know how I feel about a Mexican food place opening a burger restaurant, especially when we have so many of those already. Take Shake Shack, for example. It’s recently been ranked the number 1 chain for its burgers. Along with Shake Shack, you have places such as Five Guys and In-Out-Burger whose burgers might be too famous and too good to take on.

Will You Try It?


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I think I might stick to their burrito bowls, but Chipotle’s new restaurant might just be the new big thing in the burger game. We’ll see if this gets their sales up and if their customers who left because of food scares, are willing to try their burger and French fries now.