Chipotle holds a special place in our hearts with the drool-worthy burrito bowls, the chips and guac we crave late at night and the organic rice and beans that sustain our partying habits. Who knew it could get even better? Chipotle’s new Asian counterpart, Shophouse, is matching Chipotle’s hard-to-beat reputation with its food, philosophy and experience.

ShopHouse is essentially Chipotle minus the Southwest ingredients. Instead of throwing together a burrito bowl with chicken and beans, you can create a fresh conglomeration of veggies, rice and Southeast Asian inspired spices and sauces. What? Life changed. Think custom Pei Wei noodle bowl meets cheaper Mongolian Grill.

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There is one drawback for us southern foodies: ShopHouse has not opened up shop in our hood yet. We’ll have to visit our friends at USC Spoon and Georgetown Spoon to experience the glory of fresh veggies, jasmine rice and toppings that trump soy sauce. See the full list of locations here.

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And moreover, for the health nuts and environmental enthusiasts out there, ShopHouse aims to minimize waste and emissions by coordinating their organic and fresh food supply with Chipotle’s deliveries.

Here are eight reasons why we should be petitioning to bring ShopHouse to Austin:

  1. Texas already has enough Tex Mex to feed the country. It’s time to spice it up with Chili, garlic and lemongrass.
  2. Green curry and red curry are both great for your health.
  3. For the Austin hippies, fresh veggies and jasmine rice are a dream come true.
  4. Chipotle has margaritas. Maybe ShopHouse will incorporate specialty cocktails? Lychee martini, anyone?
  5. Beer and Asian food. Always a good idea.
  6. Save the animals! ShopHouse serves tofu.
  7. Who doesn’t love peanuts to top off their noodle bowl?
  8. Kale lovers rejoice, because it’s on the menu.

Feel like drooling? Check out the menu here.