Ever since the Chipotle food safety scare, the fast-casual restaurant chain has been employing different techniques in order to earn back the customers they lost, including coupons for free food. Their newest plan is a customer loyalty program, dubbed Chiptopia, which the company trademarked only recently.


Photo by Heather Harris

Unfortunately, Chiptopia is, for now, temporary, and meant to run over the summer, but positive reception and large reach may push the program to become a permanent thing. The goal is to attract customers that used to visit at least 25 times a year, as well as those that visited as little as five times a year.


Photo by Molly Krohe

This new program’s specific details and requirements haven’t been released yet, but we can only assume that it’ll make us come back to Chipotle even more. We can’t resist free burrito bowls, no matter how badly we want to. Let’s just hope that they make Chiptopia something that lasts forever.