A five year old boy from Northern Ireland found an unlikely surprise while playing with his eight year old brother June 1.  He discovered a plastic container belonging to a Kinder Egg, the popular chocolate treat known for its small toy found within the bright yellow container and chocolate shell.


Photo courtesy of wikipedia.org

Expecting to find a figurine inside, the boy opened the egg. But instead, he found a bag of white powder.

Thankfully, the boy immediately told his father who then called the police. After some testing, the bag was found to be filled with methamphetamine. Yes, the same drug featured in “Breaking Bad.”

In a Facebook post, the Limavady Police Department stated that they would dispose of the small bag of drugs.  Inspector Colin Shaw added that finding meth where children can easily find it is “deeply concerning.”

Kinder Surprise Eggs are banned in the US by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Administration (CPSA). This is due to concerns about food that contains non-food items, which is a potential safety hazard.


Photo courtesy of canada.com

Americans do find ways around the ban, however. Some people smuggle the eggs in from other countries or buy them from Amazon sellers. Popular memes and ads also poke fun at the ban.

Despite the ban and safety concerns in the US, they are very popular in most of the other countires in the world.

However, you don’t have to go outside of America to legally try a treasure egg. A company called “ChocoTreasure” has worked with the FDA and CPSA to create a “treasure egg” that satisfies both government agencies. They are similar to Kinder Eggs, but their plastic shells can be seen by anyone that tears the wrapper off.

With this new safety measure, Americans can finally enjoy treasure eggs legally in their own country.