At the end of a line of monochrome flats, quilted crossbodies, and more than a few handheld fans is a shimmering silver diner with an interior painted in gumdrop pastels. Fragrance enthusiasts are waiting for a Chance to delve into an immersive treat for the senses. Chanel has transformed the venue into a vintage dining experience with faux desserts, fragrance samples, and even a few real refreshments, all doled out by friendly faces decked in shades of sorbet shades. Chanel’s Lucky Chance Diner is part-perfumery, part-eatery with the new Chance Eau Fraîche Eau de Parfum as the guest of honor.

Just blocks away from the brand’s beauty store on North 6th, the Williamsburg pop-up is decorated in classic diner fashion. The walls, speckled counters, diner mugs, and jukebox all reflect the shades of peach, bubblegum, and mint that make up the location’s namesake fragrances. Tabletops are also finished off with bright pink and green artificial (sorry, folks) confections detailed with convincing dollops of whipped cream. Guests can, however, sip on classic (and real!) soda shop refreshments like Shirley Temples and Lime Rickeys. “Waiters” also treat visitors to a compressive sampling menu of all four Chance fragrances.

Lauren Dozier

The experience also includes a toy vendor that endlessly spits out themed stickers and pins, a photo-op area, and a gumball machine. Visitors can enjoy more free (and real) refreshments in the backyard oasis where an ice cream truck dispenses vanilla and chocolate soft serve with (you guessed it) pastel sprinkles, and a nearly identical cafe car serves up bright green matcha.

The experience is free and, of course, offers up ample photo opportunities. Visit the Chanel Diner on 225 Wythe Avenue from 11am-7pm on September 8 to 10.