With finals and impending doom/the apocalypse rapidly approaching (meaning tomorrow morning at 9 am for me, note that I am not studying), there has been a deluge of free food “study breaks” exploding all over campus. Most of these seem to just be a way for Vandy’s multitude of student organizations to advertise under the presumption of offering “study breaks” for the stressed out students dropping like flies all over campus. One professor said that he saw a young lad trying to climb the dead tree statue in front of Central Library in a fit of hysteria. This didn’t actually happen.

Regardless. Being a fledgeling club on campus, what better way for Spoon to immerse itself in extracurricular culture than to follow suit and offer free food as a method of procrastination? And obviously no food bribery will ever be able to compete with Spoon because it is a club for the food and by the food, duh. All that was required to gain access to all of the delicious goodies was a quick e-mail exchange, and voila, just like that, hundreds of new students are now unknowing recipients of all of Spoon University’s emails!


Photo by Emily Ashwell

A huge thanks goes out Jet’s Pizza, Jake’s Bakes cookies (for every city that does not have a warm cookie delivery service, I am so sorry), and Krispy Kreme for providing sustenance for Vanderbilt’s malnourished students, locked in the library studying without seeing the sun for days at a time. Other than those full minutes where we are staring blankly out the window and not, in fact, studying. Needless to say, the event was a huge success. Everyone enjoyed stickers, deliciously unhealthy food, and not studying.


Photo by Emily Ashwell

Ok, so maybe there weren’t hundreds of students standing in line outside of Branscomb lobby in a sad imitation of the Today Show, but pizza and cookies were all consumed BEFORE the start time of 11 pm, at both Branscomb and Commons locations. There was even a dent made on the 26 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, which were generously donated in behalf of a fabulous new club and not because it was 11 pm and all of the excess would have otherwise been thrown away.


Photo by a random in the crowd using Emily Ashwell’s camera (Emily is far left)