When you first hear butter mold, your first thought may be of something from the olden days, time-worn wooden structures that produce ornate shapes for some gathering in the 1800s. While perhaps butter molds saw their peak back in this era, this fad is seeing its revival in the form of silicon flower tray molds, petite animals, and holiday-themed shapes.

Butter molds are back.

User @dontcookforcowboys on TikTok shows a perfect example of how butter molds can be the statement piece for your next table spread. In a recent video captioned “this is your sign to get a butter mold,” they showed off a snack plate of lemon, cucumber, and lox. The star of the show was obvious: a saltine cracker with butter in the shape of a fish!

Other creators like @tasteitwithtia are using silicone butter molds to make many shapes, such as tiny fruits. Manda Hansen (@mandacreatespretty on TikTok) also used silicone molds to make butter in the shape of pumpkins, a creative way to get into the spirit of fall. Even more outside the box, Charlotte Jacklin (@charlottejacklin on TikTok) created a tutorial on flower-shaped wild garlic butter, foraging wild garlic leaves that give the butter a vivid green color. 

How do I use butter molds?

Butter molds are quite user-friendly, and they produce results that would suggest hours on hours of professional labor. If you’re feeling extra committed, you can make the butter from scratch and pour into the mold to chill in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Or, simply melt store-bought butter in a pan before adding to mold and chilling. If desired, you can also cut the mixture with olive oil. For classic, wooden molds, make sure your butter is softened before adding to the mold.

And, where do I find them? 

There’s plenty of places to find a wide variety of unique butter molds, such as online or at antique and thrift stores. They’re not a necessity, but still are a fun, easy way to add a touch of charm to your table.