A plate packed with a mix of roasted meats, vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, and heaps of gravy makes up the typical Sunday roast dinner — a U.K. meal now envied by many non-British.

Popularized on TikTok by user @brittanyhmiller, the Sunday roast dinner somewhat resembles what Americans usually eat once a year on Thanksgiving. But in the U.K., this type of meal is enjoyed weekly, either at home or at a local pub.

What is a Sunday roast dinner?

Some kind of roasted meat, such as chicken or beef, makes up the protein of the dish. Next, Brittany plates something she calls “Yorkies,” short for Yorkshire pudding, a baked British pudding. Roasted potatoes are next, which look heavily seasoned and crispy. Brittany then squeezes parsnips and carrots, along with stuffing, broccoli, creamy kale, and peas all onto one plate. Sometimes, she’ll throw in a heaping spoonful of cauliflower cheese. To top it all off, Brittany pours a thick gravy all over the plate, completely smothering the meal.

Brittany’s comments are flooded with people simply being in awe of this weekly British tradition. One TikTok user said “As an American, I would do ungodly things to try a British roast dinner like this." Another asked, “So does everyone in the U.K. have Thanksgiving on every Sunday???”

Some non-British folks have even gone as far as to try the roast dinner themselves. Canadian TikToker @mattgiffen shared his experience trying a Sunday roast dinner at a restaurant in the U.K., claiming that he felt like he could cry after his first bite. He was most excited for the Yorkshire pudding, as it’s pretty uncommon outside of the U.K.

How can I make a Sunday roast dinner at home?

It’s possible to recreate the Sunday roast dinner on your own sing Brittany’s detailed roast tutorials. She shares helpful tips to achieve her roast’s level of greatness, like cooking the potatoes in duck fat for the ultimate crisp. The next time you’re craving a hearty, comforting dinner, try the Sunday roast.