Fenway Park is an iconic location. It’s famous not only in our great nation but is relatively well known internationally as well. Fenway is the MLB’s oldest ballpark filled with loud fans, big personality, and unlimited smells. Last season, Fenway launched a garden on the third base side of the park and the food grown at Fenway Farms is used at stands in the park.

Ballpark food is often categorized as greasy and fattening, but it’s always been delicious. Fenway Farms still serves all of your favorite ballpark eats but instead of packaged greens, they’re serving ingredients directly from their farm.

Even the creation of the ballpark farm was a local endeavor. The Red Sox had help from local Boston companies Recover Green Roofs and Green City Growers. They do work all around the Boston area, making rooftop gardens accessible to everyone.

fenway farms

Photo courtesy of @greencitygrowers on Instagram

Fenway is taking the farm-to-table lifestyle into the park and into your stomachs. This ingenuity is definitely worth celebration.

fenway farms

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Next time you’re at Fenway make sure to check out Fenway Farms, and don’t forget to cheer on those Red Sox.