The differences between Democrats and Republicans span further than just political ideology according to a recent poll conducted by

The red and blue party members eat different foods and dine at different restaurants. Why not chow down on the foods that best represent yo’self?


Republicans: Donuts, Donuts, and More Donuts.

Eating habits

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Statistics show that 35% of Republicans prefer to eat donuts for breakfast.

Democrats: Croissants and Bagels

Eating habits

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….While Democrats are the party of bagels (34%) and croissants (32%).

Maybe everyone should compromise and just eat cronuts instead. But there is hope for political harmony. In a point of bipartisan agreement, both parties prefer pancakes to French toast or waffles. At least Americans have some sense, amiright?


Republicans: Chick-Fil-A

Eating habits

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Known as much for its president’s opposition to gay marriage as its fried chicken, Chick-Fil-A is a source of poultry—induced happiness for Republicans nationwide. 48% cite the fast food chain as their favorite, while Democrats prefer KFC.

Democrats: Veggies & Hummus

Eating habits

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For all you vegans out there, your Republican friends may secretly disdain you. Dems demonstrate more hospitality to their lettuce-loving, milk-eschewing brethren than the GOP, of whom 41% express contempt for vegans.


Republicans: Wagyu Steak, Caviar, and White Truffles

Eating habits

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According to a study by PayScale, Americans who make more than $70,000 are more likely to vote Republican. So whip out your good china and fine wine, and dig into the most expensive steak in the world—Wagyu rib eye at $2,800. Caviar and truffles are a little shabby in comparison, but they do add a nice touch.

Democrats: Soda and Whole Foods

Eating habits

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Democrats drink regular soda over diet by a 47% to 31% margin, whereas the opposite is true for Republicans. Interestingly enough, they also shop at the grocery store chain Whole Foods much more frequently than members of the GOP.

Despite these small, superficial differences in eating habits, Democrats and Republicans do agree on a lot when it comes to food. Both cite Burger King as their favorite burger joint and prefer Coke to beer.

But during the 2016 presidential elections, they might just be eating each other.

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