If you asked me who my best friends were I’d say I have two: Ben and Jerry. Why? They never let me down, not even during Sunday scaries, bad breakups, high fevers, those lonely Valentine’s Days, or that time of the month.

Ben and Jerry's

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Thinking of Ben and Jerry’s brings to mind chunks of decadent chocolate fudge, rich caramel, creamy texture, and indulgent taste and this new flavor is no different. The new Salted Caramel Brown-ie Ale flavor has a brown ale ice cream base with chunks of salted caramel swirls and large pieces of fudge brownie mixed together in perfect harmony.

As of October 21st, Ben and Jerry’s reached a whole new level of best friend status with their partnership with New Belgian Brewing Company. Yes, you did just read “Brewing Company.” Hello beer-infused ice-cream. Now, you and your best pals Ben and Jerry can get together on less depressing levels, maybe you’ll even invite them along for a pregame.

Ben and Jerry's

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Not to mention, they are also saving the world one pint at a time. The partnership between the two ~cool~ companies was formed to help fight climate change since after all, beer and ice-cream are best served cold. A large portion of profits from both Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream and New Belgian Brewing Company’s Salted Caramel Brownie Brown Ale products will benefit Protect Our Winters (POW), an organization started that helped rally the winter sports community against climate change.     

On top of that, the company is urging customers to contact their governors to support and implement the Clean Power Plan. The EPA proposed this plan to reduce carbon emissions from power plants in an attempt to minimize the widespread effects of climate change.   

Ben and Jerry's

Photo courtesy of protectourwinters.org

I don’t think I need say more about why these two companies should be your new BFFS. Fighting global warming while eating pints of alcohol infused ice cream will make you feel like a beneficent boozer. What are you waiting for, eat (drink?) up!