I’m lactose intolerant. I’m just like you, except when I eat ice cream, my stomach doesn’t let me forget it. I know this because I can’t give up ice cream — especially Ben & Jerry’s. Bad breakup? Give me some Chocolate Therapy. Good grade on a test? Pass the Phish Food. I know from experience that ice cream is not easily given up. But thanks to Saint Ben and Saint Jerry, we no longer have to.

This dairy-free ice cream can also be enjoyed by our vegan friends (hi, guys). This ice cream will be 100% vegan certified, giving a new twist to vegan sweets. Say goodbye to boring dairy-free ice cream because Ben and Jerry just changed the game. Nobody should be deprived of the experience of eating Ben & Jerry’s and thanks to this genius revelation, nobody will have to.

Ben & Jerry's

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You asked, Ben and Jerry answered. Dairy-free versions of your favorite pints are expected to hit the shelves next year. Why the wait? Ben and Jerry are doing what they do best — perfecting every flavor combination. You can read their full statement here.

Ben & Jerry's

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Lactose intolerants, rejoice. Vegans, keep talking about the fact that you’re vegan. Ben & Jerry’s, keep doing what you do best: making everyone happy.

Ben & Jerry's

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