The comfort of nonna’s traditional sauce, the warmth of a perfect espresso shot, and the heavenly bite of traditional Italian bread taste even better when it is discounted! The Belmont Business Improvement District has recently started offering an almost 3-month long midweek discount program for both Fordham students and faculty on behalf of the many local small businesses. The promotion includes neighborhood restaurants and Italian specialty stores that we Fordham students know and love! Here are some of my personal favorite restaurants that are participating!

Ivana’s Pizzeria

Ivana’s Pizzeria is a small hole-in-the-wall pizza joint in the heart of Arthur Avenue. There is no shortage of restaurants to grab a pizza slice in Little Italy, but Ivana’s is certainly worth the visit. They serve large slices of piping hot pizza, and you can buy the slice or the pie! Their whole menu is 20% off throughout this discount program and should be taken advantage of!


MichaelAngelo’s is offering 10% off its menu. MichaelAngelo’s is not only serving up delicious Italian food, but they offer a fantastic atmosphere as well. Along with great indoor seating, they also have a nice outdoor patio that is perfect for large groups. MichaelAngelo’s is the perfect place for date night or a nice family dinner.

Avenue Gyro

Arthur Avenue may be known for Italian, but there are plenty of other cuisines that this area offers. In the mood for hummus, gyro, or pita? Avenue Gyro is the place for you! This authentic Mediterranean restaurant offers a nice break from the plethora of Italian restaurants on Arthur Avenue. The ingredients are fresh, and there are a variety of delicious items on the menu to choose from. My personal favorite is the chicken gyro! Avenue Gyro is offering 10% off, including Fridays!

Full Moon Pizza

Full Moon is the perfect spot to grab a slice of authentic New York pizza. They are a family-owned pizzeria, which contributes to the ambiance of the restaurant. When walking through the doors, you can’t help but get the sense that everyone there knows each other. Full Moon is the kind of place where the people who work there will remember your name and your order. They offer a variety of pizzas each day, so you will never run out of slices to try. Along with their pizza, their garlic knots are a necessity when visiting. Throughout this program, their whole menu is 10%, but the offer is cash only!

Sabrina Khanali

Gerbasi Ristorante

Gerbasi has not only some of the best food on Arthur Avenue but also has high-quality and attentive service. The waiters take the time to explain each dish, down to every specific ingredient. The freshness of each dish is unmatched as all of their ingredients are either made in-house or purchased locally daily. Gerbasi has a cozy and intimate atmosphere that makes you want to linger around the table long after the check is paid. Take advantage of the 15% off their entire menu or $12 take-out pizza!

Parisienne Cafe

Looking to stop at a cozy cafe for a nice coffee with dessert? Offering 10% off its menu, Parisienne Cafe is the perfect place with its cappuccinos and fresh dessert selections! Along with the authentic food and warm environment, the service and Danny, the friendly owner, are extremely welcoming. Parisienne Cafe is the perfect place for an after-dinner drink or coffee date!

The offer, valid for Fordham University students and staff with a valid ID at participating establishments, will be taking place Monday-Thursday now through May 11th, excluding holidays. With these special discounts, the Fordham community will be able to try new spots, visit their favorites, and enjoy the authentic fare of the “Real Little Italy” at a reduced cost, all while supporting local establishments. To find out more about restaurant discounts and to see what other establishments are participating, check out the BID's website and Bronx Little Italy’s Instagram page!