Spoon Flyersmall

Are you the person all your friends come to when they need a new recipe? Are you the one who is not above standing on their chair to get the perfect angle of their #foodporn worthy meal? Or do you just love reading about, talking about, and (especially!) eating great food?
If so, you should apply to be a part of Spoon University at Delaware!

We are an enthusiastic group of people who aim to entertain and inform Delaware students about the world of food. We are currently accepting writers, photographers, editors and marketing team members.

If you are interested:
Please send the following in an email to rpiorko@udel.edu with the position you’re applying for in the subject line. *All applicants should include any relevant experience, why you want to join, and what you feel you’d bring to the team.*

Photographers: 5 food photos. (Variety is a good thing, show us what you got.)
Writers: A 250 word sample article on a topic of your choice and 3-5 sample headlines. It really helps to be familiar with the tone of the site.
Editors: Send the general info and you will be given an editing test to complete.
Marketing: Contact lexisiegel@gmail.com to apply to our marketing team.