Craving an opportunity to show your stuff to a national audience?

Think you have what it takes to reach the public like never before?

In love with all things Spoon and hoping to take the next step in embracing our community?

Simply looking for a great group of people that love food as much as you do?

Apply to be a member of the Spoon team at Michigan today. Food enthusiasm required.

We are currently accepting applications for writers, editors, marketing and photography teams, plus we’re on the prowl for a super-organized VP of Operations. Interested? We recommend completing it in your dorm or apartment with a pint of ice cream. It’s not insanely difficult, we just love ice cream.

Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.
Applications are due no later than Sept. 30 for new members, and by September 2 for existing members or those applying to be VP of Operations. We strongly encourage, (read: please do this unless you legit haven’t heard of Spoon until then) that you submit your applications as soon as possible.
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