Have you ever wondered about how many calories were in that cereal milk soft serve or that delicious slice of pizza you had the other day down the block? Well, now you can know.


Photo courtesy of digitaltrends.com

Google’s recent tech conference in Boston announced that they are currently in the works on a new app called Im2Calories that will be able to determine how many calories are in that Momofuku soft serve pic you just uploaded onto Instagram.

And what’s the secret behind this healthy calorie counting app we have been waiting for? Algorithms. To spare you another college lecture, the use of algorithms is supposed to work hand in hand to discover just how many calories are in that square Instafood pic.

But don’t get too excited yet. Google’s research scientist, Kevin Murphy says they are still at their testing phase – they are gathering data to make sure the calorie counting app results are accurate enough before expanding and testing it on a larger population.

Although this app has yet to have a release date, don’t worry. Kevin Murphy has his eyes set to see this app go beyond just counting calories. Hopefully soon, we can say goodbye to getting nauseous reading those tiny nutritional charts they offer at Dunkin’ Donuts.