I understand that social media is littered with unforgettable burgers and irresistible buns but this is a situation unparalleled, undocumented, and hopefully cooked under medium (I respect no one who orders otherwise). Alton Brown and Umami Burger have worked together to bring you this important message.

Umami Burger

Photo courtesy of thrillest.com

Alton Brown is best known for his show Good Eats, as well as his famous roles on Iron Chef and Cutthroat Kitchen. He and Umami Burger have teamed up to create a burger that isn’t only good for your taste buds, but also good for the children. That’s right guys, burgers for babies.

Until April 24th  one dollar of every “Alton Burger’ purchased at Umami Burger will be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation. So for the first time, you can feel good about ordering that second, third, and fourth burger. *Pauses to lament living 297 miles away from nearest Umami Burger*.

Umami Burger

Photo courtesy of tastingtable.com

The burger joint gets its name from the relatively unknown taste category Umami. Essentially the black sheep of the family, umami is generally accepted as one of the flavors our taste buds can sense. It is technically the flavor of glutamic acids (they taste much better than they sound, I promise you). It can be found in ripe tomatoes, red wine, specific cheeses, and a whole list of other things as well. Chef Alton Brown decided to go all Umami on his burger’s ass and created “the Alton Burger.”

Umami Burger

Photo courtesy of Alton Brown via Facebook

The Alton Burger is Brown’s homage to breakfast, his favorite meal of the day, and it is jam packed with this umami taste we love so well. Starting with a toasted buttered bun, it is then layered with his very own coffee ketchup, a beef patty cooked in bacon fat, cheddar cheese, smashed cheesy tots, two strips of miso/maple bacon, one fried egg, fried sage and finally a fried bun on top.

Essentially, Sir Alton set breakfast and dinner up on a blind date and it was a match made in burger heaven. So if you get the chance and you’re feeling adventurous, head over to Umami Burger. Be sure to let me know how delicious it was.