New food products are released each day, and yet each year these products still manage to be more unique, favourable, and often more nutritionally functional.

Like the fashion industry, it is not unusual to see foodie Instagrammers showcasing a new product and skyrocketing the product’s popularity as followers rush to be on top of the current, hot food trends. To make it easier for you here is a summary of the new trends that are developing in the food industry for 2016.



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It is not uncommon to hear of adventurous people who have eaten crickets, whether chocolate covered or in salad. However, a new trend that has been gaining traction over the past few years is cricket flour, an excellent source of protein. It has already wormed its way into everyday products, such as protein bars.

Cricket flour is composed of all the nine essential amino acids and has more iron and B12 than spinach and salmon. The only downside is the overwhelming flavour, which needs strong additional flavours to mask.

Vegan Ice Cream & Mayonnaise


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Ben & Jerry’s recently passed all expectations and developed a knock-off ice cream (aka frozen dessert) for all the vegan, lactose intolerant people out there. Almond milk is a trend in itself, and when used for ice cream you can only expect that all the healthy eating foodies are beyond excited.

Our favourite mayo brand, Hellmann’s, has also recently released an egg-free version and three organic mayo options.

Chicken, Reinvented


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Did you know this boring meat could be reinvented into some stellar ideas and unique flavour combinations? For example, Burger King will be releasing Chicken Fries, which are essentially breaded chicken with jalapeño flavour. Chicken will also be the focus of American food chains for their new menu items. Applebee’s has even combined alcohol with chicken in the form of Hot Whiskey Chicken.

Ready-to-Eat Superfoods


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Superfoods are no new trend. By now you should be well aware of foods such as goji berries, green tea, kale, quinoa, hempseed, wheat berries, and more. These superfoods can now be eaten on-the-go with Ready Pac Foods’ single-serve, pre-prepared salads under their new product line “elevAte.” The salads include a number of superfoods, including chia seeds and aronia berries, while also advertising their GMO-free, gluten-free, organic, and antibiotic-free products.

Purple Corn


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This food has been wasted as only a colouring agent for years, yet the anthocyanin content has raised it to superfood status. Keep an eye for it in the form of chips and three-ingredient cereals. You can eat your cornflakes in the morning while helping to protect yourself from inflammation, cancer, and obesity.

Powdered Peanut Butter


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Creamy or chunky seems to be the hardest decision to make in the peanut butter aisle of the grocery store. Now you have another option, one with fewer calories and 85 percent less fat. Powdered peanut butter is not only better for you but it is more versatile; just add water to make a creamy version or add the powder to your smoothies and protein shakes. You can also get the powder peanut butter in fun flavours like chocolate, flax and chia, or vanilla from The Peanut Butter Co., New York.

Go Bananas


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There are an overwhelming variety of flavours, yet the one that has taken over is banana. Known by its nickname as “the happy fruit”, bananas are considered healthy and helps to decrease stress.

The number of banana products is endless. Check out Chips Ahoy! Banana chocolate cookies or Häagen-Dazs banana rum jam vanilla bean ice cream. Unique options include chip and popcorn seasonings, and banana flavoured cream cheese and dips. Frito-Lay in Japan has released a Cinnamon Banana Cheetos, and Australia has been graced by banana flavoured M&M’s.

Miniature Desserts


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An ongoing snack trends combines the demands for healthy yet dessert-like options, such as mini-cookies at only 100 calories per package. There are a number of desserts available that taste great and are either pre-packaged for portion control, as well as low in calories, gluten-free, or vegan.